CoolSculpting & Body Contouring


What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that freezes stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise through a process called cyrolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues.


This is accomplished by:

1. Exposing the treatment area to cooling via energy extraction causes fat cell apoptosis – a natural, controlled cell death, which leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate the affected cells.


2. Inflammatory cells gradually digest the affected fat cells in the months after the procedure, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.


3. Lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated, much like that of fat from food.


What is the CoolSculpting Procedure Like?

Dr. Chin will assess the area to be treated and select the applicator to be used.  You will then relax in the treatment chair and a cold gel pad will be placed across the area to protect the skin during the procedure. The applicator cup will be positioned by your technician and a gently vacuum pressure will be

applied to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. The applicator will remain on the skin for 1 hour. You are then free to read, catch up on work or simply relax. Once the cycle has completed, the technician will remove the applicator and manually massage the tissue, breaking up the fat in its crystallized state.


How Will I Feel Following Treatment?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment with minimal to no downtime. Most people return to their normal routine immediately following treatment.  Normal responses include:

- Redness in the treatment area (typically resolves within an hour)

- Swelling (this can last for up to a week)

- Numbness and Tenderness (sometimes lasting up to 2 weeks)

- “Pins and Needles” Nerve Response (sometimes lasting up to 2 weeks)

- Mild Cramping

- Possible Bruising


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

An average of 20% of the fat cells in the area treated will be eliminated with each 1 hour cycle of CoolSculpting. The area can be retreated for further reduction.  Our physician will work with you to design a treatment plan to achieve you goals.


To view before and after photos, watch video, and learn about more about Coolsculpting click here.


BodyFXTM for Body Contouring and Cellulite Improvements

What is BodyFXTM?

BodyFXTM treatments safely target problematic fatty tissues for body contouring and cellulite improvements.  BodyFX uses a combination of different clinically proven modalities including radiofrequency energy, deep tissue heating and suction coupled with negative pressure.  The radio-frequency energy distributes heat to the skin and underlying fat, causing the tissues to heat and contract.  The vacuum and controlled energy pulses then work synergistically to provide beautiful body contouring, new collagen synthesis (production of healthy skin cells) and apoptosis results (death of fat cells).  Research indicates a direct correlation between new collagen synthesis and skin tightening.


BodyFX can safely and comfortably treat various parts of the body including abdomen, flanks, chin, arms and legs.  Depending on your BodyFX treatment regime you can expect to have between 6-8 sessions.

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